What happens if I can’t start college due to Covid-19 travel restrictions?

If you are unable to start college due to a government-imposed travel ban in place in either your home country or here in Ireland we will refund any deposit and rent paid in full.

What happens if my college start is delayed due to Covid-19 restrictions?

If your college start date is delayed as a result of Covid-19 as seems now likely for incoming 1st years, don’t worry. We will not be insisting that licence agreements start as planned on the 29th of August. License agreement start dates will be delayed to allow you check-in just before college starts and rent will only be charged from this new agreed date.

If college starts late and as a result my exams run-on past 15th of May can I stay for longer?

Yes, if you need to stay on a little longer that won’t be a problem. All our rents are charged weekly. We will just extend your tenancy by the number of weeks you require.

If you need any further information in relation to this or other concerns please email [email protected] for further details.