How To Survive The Leap From Sixth Form To Uni

It’s a huge a leap going from sixth form to university, especially if you are moving cities.

Master the transition with our tips and expect things to go pretty smoothly.

– Get Into A Routine

We know, routine sounds boring and like something only for babies BUT being in a routine has many benefits.
Such as…

* Increases efficiency
* Provides structure
* Good for your mental health
* Helps break bad habits
* Negates the need for willpower & motivation

– Lectures

Don’t skip them! Even if you’ve had a late one the evening before.

It’s all part of being in a routine and you do want to leave uni with that degree, don’t you?

– Use The Resources

They may not tell you BUT universities have online resources with unit guides, reading material and plenty of course help should you need it.

Don’t wait to be told where to find them, hunt them down now and utilise them.

– Use The Library

Using the library to study will save you from Netflix marathons and might even prevent you from procrastinating.

Uni libraries are full of the resources and reading material you will need, unlike the sixth form library that is only ever useful if you are studying English lit.

– Call Friends And Family

Being away from home can be extremely hard and nobody is expecting you to be completely cool with it.

Call them whenever you feel like it. Talking to the people you miss can actually help you with your productivity, especially if the feelings of homesickness are getting you down.

– Revise In A Group

Group revision can really help your studies. Working with and alongside others studying the same subject can actually be a lot of fun.

Choose people you feel are as motivated as you to avoid distraction.

– Hobbies/Sport

If there’s a hobby or sport you love then do it throughout your time at uni too. Your university will have plenty of club and societies you can join and if you can’t find what you are looking for there, a quick Google search should come up with something.

Lot’s of places will also offer a student discount too.

– Take Some Thing From Home

You don’t have to leave everything behind just because you are moving. Take that teddy you’ve had your entire life if you want to. Trust us, you won’t be the only one.

Familiarity can really help you settle quickly.

– Talk

Are you struggling with the pressure of uni work, being away from home or even just feeling out of sorts?

Talk to someone.

All universities have ‘student services’ for you to utilise. Talk to somebody about how you are feeling, you’re certainly not alone.

– Learn To Cook And Clean

This may technically be something before actually leaving for uni.

Ask willing friends and family to teach you a few ‘go to’ simple recipes you can throw together on the regular. Also, ask somebody just to talk you through the clothes washing rules if you don’t already know them.

These tips will become invaluable when you’re not rocking a pink (used to be white) t-shirt.

– Enjoy It

Yes, it can be tough to move your life as you know it to another City, especially alone. Take on all our tips and enjoy yourself.

These are your last years before you enter the world of work remember.

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