10 Easy Pasta Dish Ideas

Pasta will no doubt be a staple in your student diet. You can buy huge bags pretty cheap that will last for AGES and it’s super quick and easy to cook.

You can also make it into a substantial healthy and balanced meal by adding other ingredients and making your own sauces.

Here are 10 super easy and tasty pasta dishes for you to try…

Macaroni Cheese – Man ‘n’ Cheese with a crispy breadcrumb topping is the ultimate in comfort/hangover food.

Tuna Mayo Pasta Salad – Super easy to make using only 5 ingredients that you have probably already got in your cupboards and fridge. Make extra and save some in the fridge for super quick meal the next day.

Spinach & Bacon Penne Pasta – Give yourself a little iron boost with this spinach and bacon pasta. You can even tell your mum you’ve been eating your greens.

Marmite & Pancetta Spaghetti – Love it or hate it, everyone wil love this tasty marmite pasta dish.

Creamy Avocado Pasta – Prepare all the ingredients for this vegan delight first and you will be eating the super creamy pasta dish in no time at all.

Tagliatelle With Vegetable Ragu – This dish does take a little longer to make but it will be so worth it for the hit of veggies. Keep it vegan or add cheese.

Chilli Pasta – If you make basic chilli recipe you can split the mixture and use it for so many different meals. Taco’s, burrito’s, Quesidilla’s or have it with rice or pasta. Swap the mince for mixed beans for a veggie version.

Pepperoni Pizza Pasta Bake – Once the pasta is cooked this really is a one pot recipe. Layer it up with peppers, sweetcorn, and mushrooms too.

Carbonara – Adding peas and mint to this usually heavy pasta dish gives it a light an comforting twist.

Gnocchi With Sage – A sort of potato and pasta hybrid. This super easy recipe only uses 5 ingredients and is mega delicious.

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