10 Halloween Cocktail Recipes

You can’t have a Halloween shindig without some spooky cocktails now, can you?

Halloween Sangria

Complete the look with coloured sugar rimmed glasses.

Voodoo Punch

Spooky Green punch finished with blood (raspberry syrup) filled syringes.

Pumpkin Punch

Fancy something extra autumnal? Try this spiced pumpkin delight.

Polyjuice Potion

Go for a Harry Potter theme with this alcoholic polyjuice potion.

Alcoholic Butterbeer

Still sticking with the Harry Potter theme with this alcoholic Polyjuice potion.

Zombie Punch

Jam packed with booze, this one is to be sipped not downed.

Candy Floss Shots

Not strictly Halloween themed but is there ever a party where the shots don’t come out?

Black Magic Margaritas

Super spooky looking margaritas with black sugar rimmed glasses. Beware of the stained teeth.

Halloween Punch

Spiced with chilli, ginger and cinnamon, this mocktail packs a punch. Add vodka for the booze drinkers.

Eyeball Snot-tail

Another spooky mocktail with a jelly texture. Gross!

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