3 Alternative Things to Look For In University Accommodation

You’ve been through all the guides and ticked off all the lists, but for some reason you still can’t put your finger on there’s the worry you may not find the university accommodation you’re happy with.

It’s not surprising — finding what will be your new home for many months if not a few years is a no easy task. However, it doesn’t have to be so difficult. In fact, providing you know the right things you should be looking out for, you can make sure you find the perfect place. 

Here are three all too often overlooked aspects that every student should be aware of when looking for university accommodation. 

1. Feng Shui 

Feng shui, literally meaning wind and water, is based on several principles including the idea of ‘chi’, the alive, ever-present energy, ying yang, and the five elements of interaction. 

In your university accommodation, feng shui is all about the placement of yourself and the objects within the space. It’s about the balance of energy that’s often behind what makes you feel good about one place and like there’s something just a little off or missing in another.

Some fung shui advice borders on a little silly, like making sure the toilet seat is down to avoid the outflow of energy relating to wealth. But useful, practical things you can look out for to find a university accommodation with good feng shui is good quality air and light, well defined areas for certain activities like study or cooking, and the presence of wood or at least the possibility of bringing in some nature such as plants or greenery. 

2. Independence

Feeling independent is not just about having your own space and portion of control, it’s also about feeling comfortable and stable enough so that you can contribute to the group and feel a part of the community.

If you’re to be independent, then, you first need to have the amenities and facilities available to support you. In regard to university accommodation, that means things like white goods and appliances that work and people on hand should you need assistance. You also need an environment in which you can retreat to restore your energy after studying or partying too hard — that means things like well-insulated walls and windows, a decent mattress, and quality furniture are a must.

Such qualities in an accommodation may seem unimportant compared to features like a cool TV and a funky green wall in your bedroom. But ultimately they are what make the difference between feeling at ease and at home and getting easily agitated and wanting to leave.

3. The surrounding environment  

It’s easy to overlook this point when viewing university accommodation, as you get caught up in the apartment and your room. They are hugely important, but when you’re a student, you will spend a lot of your time outside, as so you want to scope out and explore the surrounding environment as much as you can before moving in.

Of course, distance from libraries and university buildings is high on the list, but you also want to find out if there are green spaces, cheap restaurants, quiet, and safe areas to walk through, especially for when coming home late at night.

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