4 Times Slow Broadband Has Ruined Your Life

I think we can all agree that slow broadband, or broadband that dips in and out (no matter how many times you restart the router) is perhaps one of the most frustrating student problems. Slow broadband is the route of all evil. Slow broadband makes three busses driving straight past you even though you’re clearly sticking your arm out seem like a teeny inconvenience.

I know that the list of ways slow broadband can ruin your life is endless, but here are our top four.

When you have 2 minutes left to submit your assignment.

As I’m writing this, my stomach is churning, taking me back to my student days when nothing made my heart beat faster than trying to submit an assignment with painfully slow broadband. With just two minutes to go, the upload time can seem to stretch out indefinitely, making you question not only whether or not you’ll make the submission deadline, but how and why time is passing so much faster than normal. Why can’t time pass this quickly when you’re waiting for your pizza delivery?

When you’re Facetiming your friends back home.

‘Ha! You’ve frozen… look at your face. Seriously though, can you even hear me right now? Wait?

What did you just say? You’re breaking up again…’

Going off to uni and making new friends is what it’s all about, but that doesn’t mean you have to forget about your friends back home. Whether you want to wish them happy birthday or just have a catch up, the last thing you want is an internet connection from the dark ages. Sure, it’s good enough when you’re Googling a reference or two, but not when it comes to streaming video. Eugh.

When the taxi has arrived and you’re still trying to check your bank balance.

You’re ready to go. The taxi is outside waiting to take you and your flatmates into town. The only problem? You’re still trying to log in to your online banking. After feeling super fancy last night and adding stuffed crust to your pizza, you just don’t know if there’s enough in your bank for even one drink. You know that if you can just log into your online account, you can check your balance and even borrow just a tenner from your savings (you’ve just submitted your final assignment, you totally deserve a night out). But, once again, slow broadband is letting you down. Your flatmates will probably go into town without you.

When you’re about to score the winning goal on Fifa.

It’s the last 30 seconds of the game. The score is 1-1 and you’re pelting towards the goal; no one can stop you now. You line up your player and as you’re about to take that winning shot, the loading wheel of death appears on your TV screen. Slow broadband is ruining your life. Again. And if you don’t play Fifa, you still know what I’m getting at. Whatever game you’re into, if you’re about to score, win, or level up, you do not want slow broadband ruining your victory.

Don’t let slow broadband ruin your life.

All Mezzino student properties are fitted with high-speed wifi at no extra cost. We believe that fast broadband shouldn’t be a costly add on, it’s a staple for every student. Check out our properties in your area and never worry about laggy broadband ever again.

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