5 Quick Tips to Save Money

Are you feeling the ‘post-Christmas’ strain too? Is the steady diet of old Beans and store brand cereal starting to taste depressing?

Plus, if you thought that just because Christmas is out of the way, your finances would miraculously recover and you would be flush with cash, you were sadly, sadly mistaken.

There is always a birthday, an unmissable event, a spontaneous night out waiting to suck you dry of any coinage you thought you could nestle away into your piggy bank.

Its easily done and we don’t think your life should come to a halt just because your skint. So, here are some quick tips to save you some mullah immediately.  

Quit Spending, Start Selling

Were all guilty of hording to some degree. But it might be time to ask yourself if your next purchase is a necessary one and what can you live without?

The wardrobe is always a good place to start. Instead of getting those new shoes (even if they are on sale) why not look at your existing pairs and immediately separate the ones you no longer wear?

Put them to one side and if you haven’t wont them within the next week, get them sold. Sites like Depop, Facebook Marketplace and eBay are all suitable to turn your unwanted items into fat wads of cash.

Sign Up for All the Free Rewards

These incentives can be great and really useful for saving some money if your able to separate the useful from the spam.

Most retailers offer a rewards scheme for using their services. So why not create a new email address purely for these emails and offers?

This way these mailing list emails don’t clog up your inbox and you don’t miss any important promotions that could save you a pretty penny.

Having a specific draw for your loyalty cards is also a fast way to keep track of where you have shopped and an easy way to check what benefits your entitled to why you want to shop there again next time.

Stick to Your Shopping List 

Its dangerously easy to spend way more than you would like when your impulse shopping.

Making a list before you leave to go shopping is a simple yet effective way to curb unplanned purchases.

Most importantly you can shop around a meal plan for the week ahead which not only keeps your spending on track, but it prevents any wastage.

Don’t forget that most stores offer rewards or points schemes too that can soon build up and save you some more money against your shop.

Make Big Meals

Following on from your meal plan, when your cooking try and double up the portions when cooking dinner.

This way you immediately have lunch the next day and it’s probably going to be better than any overpriced store-bought lunch you were doing to waste your money on anyway.  

This also frees you up to get more creative when cooking too. Made chilli? Throw it in some tortilla wraps and you have enchiladas.

This small amount of effort can make huge differences to your bank balance each month and you get to eat nice thing whilst doing it. Saving money never tasted so good.

Why Stop at Pre’s?

Just because your saving doesn’t mean you can’t have a social life. Thinking this is the case is sad and usually unrealistic. 

That being said, going out usually does pretty hefty damage to your budget.

But why not have the best of both worlds? Instead of going out and all of the cost that comes with it, don’t stop at pre-drinks and have yourselves a house party instead.

Staying in, playing games, watching films all have their own qualities that are fun and save everyone money. 

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