5 Time Management Tips

Your whole uni life will be about good time management, especially when the coursework, lectures, and exams start taking any social life you may have.

If you take the time to sort your priorities, you really will give yourself the best chance of minimal stress whilst juggling all you have to do at university.

Here are our top 5 time management tips to make your uni life a success…

Get A Diary

Or just any organisational tool you can work with and start filling it with lecture times, study time, work shifts and socialising.

Be super organised here and even write things down you may not think necessarily need to be on there, such as hair appointments, food shopping or even a last minute trip home. Being this organised will really benefit your years at university.

Be Realistic

Don’t panic if you veer off course. You physically can’t do everything and you also won’t be able to make everybody happy at all times. Be realistic and take care of number one.
Make sure you factor enough time in here to eat, wash and sleep too.


We all do it and a lot of the time it’s subconscious, we don’t even realise we are doing it. If you do notice yourself avoiding the job at hand, look at your calendar and get back on the ball. If you avoid starting that coursework now, you will only have to try and fit it in at a later date when it may become last minute and rushed.

Look After Yourself

Plan in a bit of time for exercise during the day or week and also make sure you are allowing yourself enough time to eat healthily instead of reaching for convenience foods.
Feed your brain to stay super productive and alert.


Give yourself a good amount of time to try out your new system, say a month, and review your schedule and how it has worked for you. Is there anything you could re-jig to make it more manageable?

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