5 Tips to Stay Productive

Staying on task is hard at the best of times. From essay writing to revision or just day to day activities, there are always several distractions calling your name and fighting for your attention.

We have compiled 5 handy tips to stay on track and keep productive…

To Do List

Making a to do list may seem obvious but you can’t underestimate how handy it is to see all your outstanding tasks in front of you.

By writing them down, it gets them out of your head and helps you feel productive before you have even done anything.

Once you have your list, re draft it prioritising what needs to be done that day, week and month etc.. This will help you plan you next steps in order to start completing your list.

Give a Direct Action 

Once you have outlined and prioritised, make a note of your next action (IE: email X or call Y tomorrow.)

Having a follow up action immediately makes your task achievable and stops cluttering up your list with no sign of it ever getting done.

Get Rest & Sleep

Whilst myths like sleeping two hours a night may seem like it will make you a superhuman achievement machine, it won’t.

It will catch up to you, your work will be poor, and it will make you ill.

Productivity and rest are intertwined, look after yourself and you will get more done.

Much like a healthy diet and exercise, your brain requires nourishment. This comes in the form of rest, so it can keep you on task and working at your highest level.

If you find this is working, try an early night and getting up before sunrise to give yourself a head start to get productive, before the rest of the world joins you and becomes a distraction.


Decluttering you work space is crucial for staying on task. Not only does in help with storage and filing your important documents, but it helps set the tone for the tasks your going to be completing.

If you keep a clear space, you keep a clear mind. If your workplace isn’t filled with distractions but rather organized items, you have set your tone immediately and can achieve and leave. Go you!

Take scheduled brakes

A Japanese study has shown that taking scheduled brakes improves your productivity. Not only that but taking time out to look at nature or even cute animals has proven to boost your productivity levels.

As hard as it can be to force yourself to take a break when the ball is rolling, reward yourself with a couple of cat memes or a walk outside in order to reset your brain and achieve more, faster.  

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