6 Must-Visit Student Travel Destinations In Europe

When it comes to travelling as a student, there are literally hundreds of European cities you could go to that are well worth a visit.

From historic to modern and everything in between, Europe offers it all. Whilst all this choice is great — who doesn’t like more options — it can make it incredibly difficult to actually decide which to stick a pin in and go to.

With this in mind, we’ve come up with a decision-fatigue busting list that features six cities you cannot miss when it comes to student travel.

1. Berlin, Germany

Of course, when visiting Berlin, there is absolutely no way you can miss the opportunity to see the remains of the wall that divided the city for over five decades.

It is far from, however, the only thing to view or do whilst you’re there. Berlin has a vast array of museums, a great party scene, and a highly developed bicycle lane system for you to peddle around on and drink all its history and culture in.

2. Dublin, Ireland

With its multitude of green spaces including Phoenix Park, Dublin Zoo, and the unique Dillon Gardens, Dublin really is the Emerald City and a must visit for student travel.

You should also make the journey to Kilmainham Gaol where Joseph Plunkett was executed for his part in the Easter uprising. Here you can feel the history of this wonderful place before heading off to the Guinness museum to relax and enjoy a tipple or six.

3. Athens, Greece

Named after the Greek Goddess Athena, Athens is not only the capital of Greece but also the nation’s oldest and largest city.

There’s a plethora of rich and varied sightseeing to do here, like visiting Athena’s Temple or the theatre of Dionysos. For a little bit of shopping, you should peruse the variety of goods available at the Monastiraki flea market. Or for those who are more energetic, why not go to Parnithia National Park where you can hike or mountain bike, visiting gorges, springs, and caves along the way. 

4. Paris, France

This picturesque cityscape, that has inspired some of the world’s greatest painters over the centuries, is definitely near the top of the essential student travel list.

Paris is not, however, only beautiful to look at; it has much, much more to offer. As the capital of the fashion world and home to the Sun Palace and the Eiffel Tower, it is a city packed full of culture and life. As a student, you can explore the Louvre Museum for free after 4.30pm on a Friday, or join the Pari roller for a skate around the sights.

5. Istanbul, Turkey

Cultures have collided to form a new and exciting world in this city formerly known as Constantinople.

Bars, bazaars, galleries, and bathhouses bring this city vibrantly and passionately alive. Istanbul is also home to the world’s largest natural harbour, Golden Horn, and undercover market, the Grand Bazaar. Don’t forget to check out the neighbouring Mahmutpasha Bazaar and take in the fragrant odours of its spices.

6. Barcelona, Spain

On the coast of Catalonia sits the fabulous city of Barcelona — a must visit on any student travel list and, for that matter, any travel list in general.

This is not only for its historic glory including the La Sagrada Familia and the pedestrianised old quarter, but also for its splendid seafront and amazing sandy beaches that most people tend to forget are there. You can also enjoy a variety of Catalan cuisine including hearty casseroles, traditional desserts, and fine (and pretty cheap) spirits and cervezas.

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