7 Student Bedroom Essentials For A True Home From Home

You’ve got bedding, towels, hangers, a TV, laundry bag, clothes horse, and everything else your parents bought for you, but there’s still something missing.

Sure, you feel your new nest is prepared to accommodate you, but it lacks that sense of homeliness that is difficult to put your finger on and buy.

Fortunately, you can buy it. And we’re pretty sure you’ll find it in our list of seven student bedroom essentials that are key to making a true home from home.

1. Floor Lamp

Great lighting can change the mood and feel of any space. And most floor lamps create a much warmer and cosier ambience than any glaring ceiling lights every could.

We recommend picking up a cheap floor lamp and then choosing a bulb with your preferred brightness and colour. For nighttime gatherings, go for something that gives a soft warm light. For intensive studying, try a brighter white light.

2. A World Map

Posters and wall decorations are a must — as long as you do it in a way that gets you your deposit back, i.e., white tack or no-hole picture hanging strips.

But if there was only one thing you could have on your walls, it should be a world map. University is a time of discovery and getting to know different people, cultures, and ways of thinking, and even if you don’t get out to travel, a map is a nice reminder of just how big the world really is.

3. A Cool Doorstop

It sounds trivial but a doorstop can be the difference between being the person who’s always couped up in their room with a closed door and the person who’s always got one finger in what’s going on.

Grab a cheap one from Poundland or spend a bit more to get something fancy that can also double as a conversation starter.

4. A Folding Screen

As you’ll be spending a lot of time in your bedroom while at uni, you can quickly begin to feel claustrophobic as your working, sleeping, and washing areas all merge into one.

A folding screen is therefore one of the most under-utilised but effective student bedroom essentials. You can usually pick a good cheap one up on eBay or in a charity shop. They also make a great place to throw more clothes over. 

5. Mattress Protector

Getting high-quality sleep as a student is crucial, yet most mattresses in student digs leave much to be desired.

Investing a mattress protector is a great, cheap way to improve the comfort and longevity of any mattress. Not to mention it’s more hygienic and helps regulate your temperature during the night.

6. Mini Fridge

In most student houses, the inside of the fridge is not a pretty sight. People forget what’s in there, there’s not enough space to fit everything, and it generally becomes home to some pretty funky bacteria.

This makes a mini fridge not just a luxury but one of the top student bedroom essentials. Whether you use if for beer, breakfast, or ice cream, you will certainly get use out of it, and you can almost guarantee that people will love you for it.

7. Cushions, cushions, and more cushions

You can’t get enough cushions. But there’s a big difference between tatty old clumps that are stained and ugly and comfy blobs that look, feel, and smell great.

The trick is to pick up a few quality cushions that will hold their shape and that have removable covers that you can chuck in the wash. If they’re big enough, they will also turn any corner into a cosy and sociable retreat.

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