Activities that will Relieve Stress and Boost Positivity

It’s been a rough few months for many of us, with everyone in the country having been affected in some way. Being stuck in the house and unable to see loved ones can be difficult and take its toll on our moods.

Many of us will have felt bored, anxious, and generally low while wondering what we can do to occupy our time and although you might feel at a loss, there are some activities you can take up to boost your mood from the comfort of your own room…


A cliché, I know, but exercise really does help to lift your spirits in difficult times. Exercising gets the blood pumping and releases endorphins which have been proven to give a positive boost to our moods, which is what we are all after right now.

Try going for a jog if you can do so safely. Or, if jogging isn’t for you, there are still plenty of options for exercising within the home. Give Yoga a try for a more relaxing activity – there are hundreds of videos available online to give you a guide through the basics. Alternatively, get creative and start turning household objects into fun weights!

Get into a Good Book

Do you love reading but don’t usually have the time to get lost in a good book? Or, maybe you have never really been into reading, but all of your usual hobbies have become repetitive? With all the free time we now have, getting stuck into a book or listening to an audiobook is a perfect way to relax and lose yourself in another story.
It is easier than ever to download audiobooks or reading apps to your mobile, tablet, or kindle with many retailers offering discounts to students. If you prefer paper books, why not take a look on eBay for some second-hand books – cheaper, and better for the environment!

Get Creative

If you have always been a creative person but have recently struggled to find time to get those creative juices flowing, this period could be the perfect opportunity. There are so many options for getting creative in your own home. From sketching and painting to knitting and crochet, there is bound to be something out there for you to take on.

Some hobbies can be undertaken with things you already have like pens and pencils. But, if you want to take on something else, many art and hobby retailers are still delivering goods, so, finally there is no excuse to put it off anymore!

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