The Most Annoying Housemate Habits

Whether you have moved into halls with a bunch of strangers or you are house sharing with your pals. There will inevitably be things you do that annoy one another.

It can be hard to approach your new co-habitants and let them know exactly how you feel without causing some kind of tension.

Even when you broach the subject, will they actually listen?

Here are the top 10 most annoying habits…

1. Leaving dirty pots around – If you use it, wash it.

2. Leaving the lights/electrical appliances on when not in use – This will be especially annoying to those that share the bill payments instead of having all-inclusive accommodation.

3. Not changing the bins when full – You can guarantee there will be one person that always feels like they empty the bin. Why not make it easier and designate jobs to each housemate?

4. Not changing the toilet roll – If you have used that very last square just pop a new one on. It takes 10 seconds.

5. Not removing hair from the plugholes – Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, wants to remove the soggy hair from another human from the plugholes. Just make it part of your showering/washing routine.

6. Mouldy food in the fridge – Just Bleurgh!

7. Leaving the toilet seat up after use – If it’s a house full of boys, we imagine this may not be a big issue. If you are living with girls though, be polite boys.

8. Leaving the window open when the heating is on – If you are hot, turn down the heating. The heating situation may be a cause for concern for everyone involved. One person will be cold while the other is hot.

Some compromises will need to be made here.

9. Taking excessively long showers – There will most likely only be one shower for you and your housemates to share. Do be thoughtful of that.

You can’t be banging out some tunes doing bathroom karaoke when there are 4 others waiting to use the bathroom.

10. Moving their boyfriend or girlfriend in and them not contributing to bills – Fair enough, they will be sharing a room BUT they will be using the utilities so should pay for them too.

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