Beat Summertime Boredom With These Top Tips

You’ve been counting down for months and you’ve got weeks of free time ahead of you. All sounds great, right? For a year you’ve been busy with exams, coursework and obligatory nights out and now you’re probably back at your mum and dads house, bored and restless.

For some of you the idea of doing nothing is absolute bliss – but for many of you free time screams boredom! Don’t sit there scrolling through your Instagram feed and looking at your friend’s ‘amazing summer’. Take a look at these tips to help your summer become more meaningful and fun.

– Get into a routine – even if this is getting up in the morning to have a healthy breakfast and work out. You can then arrange to meet some friends or go for a walk.

– Get a temporary job – this will distract you from boredom and will help you appreciate your free time more. You’ll also start earning a bit of extra cash to help you fund your summer holidays.

– Have quality you time – treat yourself. Go out for a coffee and read a magazine – just getting out of the house helps.

– Have things to look forward to – arrange something to do with your friends at least once a week and you��ll feel happier.

– Set goals and keep track of your progress towards them – this could be from bagging a work experience placement to saving up for a holiday with your friends.

– Vitamin D – go and get some sun when you can! Even if it just means going for a walk around your town or village.

– Spend quality time with friends and relatives – make the most of seeing old friends and family.Who knows how much time you’ll get to do this when you graduate and get a ‘real job’.

– Plan a holiday – you can get loads of cheap deals if you search around and even going away for four days can brighten your summer up. Stick to European destinations to keep the prices down.

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