The Best Phone Apps For Job Searching

The days of handwritten CV’s and paper application forms are almost over. Most job seekers will now spend their time scouring the internet and filling out forms online rather than dropping in their cover letters and CV’s.

All major recruitment companies will have an app these days. Whether you are looking for a part-time job or are ready to find your graduate career there will be an app for you.

There isn’t much a good app cannot do to enhance your skills for job searching.

If you want to work abroad but are worried about the language barrier, try out the following language learning apps…

– Duolingo
– Memrise
– Busuu
– Accella Study
– 24/7 Tutor Apps
– Rosetta Stone Travel App
– Google Translate

YouTube is a great app to have on your phone. There isn’t much you can’t learn from a YouTube video or tutorial. Spends 30minutes a day watching tutorials or informative videos instead of mindlessly scrolling through your boyfriend’s ex’s aunties Instagram.

For job, searching/career building apps try these…

– Career Builder
– Career Arc Job Search
– Indeed
– Link Up
– Pocket Resume
– Totaljobs
– Interview Prep Questions

The application process will now (most of the time) include some kind of test. These will usually include numerical and word-based questions as well as a personality test.

Practice is key here so give these a try…

– BreakIN2
– Grad DNA

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