3 of The Best Student Cities in the UK

Although it may seem obvious, it takes a lot more than just a uni and students to make a city a great student city.

Of course, you need things like libraries, cinemas, parks, sports clubs, pub crawls, and happy hours. But you also need something much deeper that is quite the bit more difficult to put your finger on.

It’s a certain vibe radiated from its people, a certain atmosphere given off from its streets, and a particular feeling you get from just being there.

You have to experience these things for yourself to know if a city is right for you. However, you can get a much clearer idea of which places they might be by discovering some of the best student cities in the UK — as based on the exact qualities above.


With higher education options aplenty and more students than any other place outside of London, it’s no surprise Manchester has been voted third in the list of the best student cities in the UK.

As such a buzzing student hub, Manchester caters for every budget, taste, style, and preference. Whether you’re a bookworm looking for a historic library to study in, a vegetarian looking for awesome gluten free pizza, or a night-owl in need of a good ol’ fashioned Northern rave, Manny has it all.

It’s also worth mentioning that Manchester has some of the best student accommodation options and transport links in the North. Fallowfield is an increasingly popular and affordable option for student living in the city, and when you want to get out, Leeds, Liverpool, and the Peak District are just a few hours away.


One reason to choose Nottingham as a student may be to follow in the footsteps of Robin Hood, the legendary heroic outlaw. A better reason would be that the city, 128 miles north of London, claims to have more bars, pubs, cafes, and restaurants per square mile than any other in Europe.

But Nottingham has many more strings to its bow than food and drink. It’s a sporting hub, is super friendly and attractive thanks to being situated on the River Trent and being close to the Peak District, and, if Robin Hood really is your thing, it’s where you’ll find the famous Sheriff’s home, Nottingham Castle.

With all this culture, nightlife, sport, and history, it’s no wonder students flock there in the tens of thousands. It’s only second to Manchester in the percentage of young people living there, and as such, also boasts a tonne of stylish and affordable student housing options.


What puts Lincoln at the top of the best student cities in the UK cannot be separated from its award winning university campus. The uni frequently lands high in the tables not just in terms of student experience but also teaching and performance too.

But what makes Lincoln really great is that the city as a whole, not just the campus, is ideal for student living. Everything is in walking distance, from historic cathedrals to the vibrant Brayford waterfront, and even-though it is one of the world’s so called “great small cities”, you’ll never run out of interesting events to do, things to see, and people to meet.

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