Can getting active help your emotional well-being?

Feeling run down? Stressed? Or experiencing low mood? Getting active could be the answer for you.

Not only does exercise mean a healthier you it increases endorphins and releases feel good hormones in your body which will increase your mood. Living alone can be hard for anyone but to do it and manage deadlines, grumpy housemates, demanding partners or managing your money can be a very stressful time.

It’s important for everybody to stay active, but it can be especially beneficial if you suffer from mentalhealth problems or are feeling low.

If you aren’t into cardio, weight training or spending hours on the treadmill then you might prefer something a bit gentler, like yoga or pilates. It takes your mind off everyday stresses as you focus on the positions, it relieves tense muscles and it gives you a work out. Being active is often thought as having to go to the gym, something that can be exceptionally daunting if you suffer with mental health problems. But it doesn’t have to be like that. Being active can be anything, from dancing to your favourite songs in your room, to going for a long walk outside or just dancing in a nightclub with your best friends.

Yoga, pilates or dancing is a proven way to manage anxiety. If you want to get out the house you can find cheap local groups that offer these sorts of classes and they’re a gentle way to meet others as well or you can go along and not talk to anyone and enjoy the time away from your stresses and worries.

Joining gyms can be expensive but they normally offer a special student discount to help you save some money. One off classes are a good way to help keep the costs down if you just want to go a couple of times a month. Walking more and doing exercise from home is a great alternative that will hopefully help you feel better in the long run.

Make sure you get some time for yourself and remember you come first!

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