Cheap Places to Travel This Summer

Keep finding yourself drifting off and fantasising about which incredible destination you want to visit this summer?


Is this then immediately followed by the crushing realisation that your bank account is crying out for help and the thought of visiting somewhere fun feels like a sick joke?


Well, that might not actually be the case.

We have been scouting for the best places to travel around the globe even if the term “shoestring” is an over exaggeration for your budget.

So, get packing that rucksack cause here’s a bunch of places you can visit without deep pockets…


You might not think it, but Argentina is an ideal place to travel if you’re on a budget.

Plagued by economic issues which are an issue for locals, it does provide a silver lining for travellers, resulting in your western pennies stretching further than you might think.

As of 2019 £1 is the equivalent to 48 Argentinian Pesos.  

The downside is the distance however once you reach South America, the opportunities to travel and explore are endless.

From the northern capital of Buenos Aires to the southern snow-covered mountains of Patagonia where you can do some whale spotting, Argentina is a treasure trove for an affordable adventure.


Whilst this seems like a classic choice, there is a reason for it.

This popular getaway has served as a tropical backpacking destination for decades due to its affordability.

Plus, the further you travel away from the tourist hotspots, the more affordable it gets.

In northern Thailand, the Chang Mai reason is the motherland of budget travelling. Among the ancient temples and rice fields are some of the cheapest places to stay with the best value.

From super low prices of £5 a night for a dorm room to a poolside apartment for £40, the choice is yours depending on your funds.

Whilst a lot of the costal places area extremely touristy, with some planning you can give the crowds a miss. If you are looking for the more chill Thai islands, then check out the Koh Chang archipelago for your exotic getaway.


Often overlooked when scouting for interested places to travel in Europe, Romania is a wonderfully unique location that’s also budget friendly.

From the ancient medieval towns to the breath-taking Carpathian Mountains, Romania has so much to offer; not to mention all of the wonderful food and friendly people.

Also, home to the Transylvania Region, the home of Dracula just so happened to be extremely affordable. From cosy B&Bs starting at £30 a night your money can go further as you explore this underrated slice of Europe.


Similar to Argentina, Turkey has had its fair share of economic issues which makes it an affordable place to visit right now.

Around 15p is the equivalent to 1 Turkish Lera so your budget can really stretch over accommodation, flights and your daily spends.

Once the home to the Ottoman and Byzantine Empires, history and culture oozes out of Turkey. From Istanbul to Ankara, you can explore ancient ruins, bustling bazaars and not to mention the picturesque coastlines of the Mediterranean haven.


Feeling like another planet entirely, Indonesia is a classic place to visit as it has so much to offer at such an affordable price.

Containing live volcanoes, white beaches, jungles with wild orangutans and so much more, Indonesia can guarantee a live changing adventure this summer.

Whilst Bali has fallen prey to tourism and over popularity, north Bali is still wall renounced for its authenticity. However, this won’t be the cheapest place to visit due to it being a well-travelled route.

Adjacent islands such as Lombok, Sumatra or the Komodo Islands can provide an uber cheap experience with hostels starting at less than £10 a night and beer costing around £1.50 a pint; I can think of worse ways to spend time…

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