Cheap ways to keep fit without the gym

Joining a gym can be costly and can demand a big commitment to make sure you’re making the most of your membership. We’ve put a few ideas together to help you keep fit whilst at University for a cheap price.

Drink water and plenty of it

Water is the perfect drink. Not only is it the best drink you can have it’s free!Ask for tap water when you go out for food and it’ll make you avoid fizzy and sugary drinks. You’ll soon start noticing the difference to your bank balance and to your waistline. If you find the taste of water a bit boring try adding some chopped up fruit to give it a bit of flavour.

Go outdoors

Walking to Uni instead of getting the bus or driving will help you keep fit. Go for a walk for breaks from the library instead of visiting the vending machine.

Stay indoors

If you don’t want to go outside you can do some exercise inside – from running up and down the stairs, to squats, press ups and star jumps. You don’t need a gym for that! Play ‘free’ sports Some sports can be costly but lots of councils and universities will offer free facilities, whether it’s a field for a kick-a- bout or some tennis courts, so have a look at what’s available in your area.

Switch up your routine

Even the laziest of people can start to burn off the calories by making a few simple tweaks to their everyday routine. Go down to the shops for your weekly groceries instead of buying online and make sure to use a basket instead of a trolley – it’s the little things that make a difference.

Try workout DVDs

Nearly every TOWIE star or TV celeb has their own fitness DVD now so there’s no excuse! You can pick some old ones up from the pound shop or on Amazon. Insta fit Instagram is also full of its own fitness celebs – check out Kayla Itsines and Joe Wickes aka The Bodycoach if you haven’t already. You can find free apps with diet plans, recipe tips, workouts and trackers to show you where you’re running.

Cut out junk food

A cupboard full of crisps and sweets and a pizza delivered to your door might sound like the best option when you flop on the sofa after a hard day, but it won’t be doing your waistline – or your wallet – any favours. Cut the takeaways, fatty foods and snacks and you’ll not only see the difference, you’ll feel it.

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