How To Choose Your Second Year House Buddies

You may have already started thinking about who your second-year house buddies are going to be but it’s not always as simple as just choosing your besties and signing on the dotted line.

Think about this long and hard, you are going to be stuck together for the best part of a year after all.

– Choose people you already live with

You may not be absolute BFF’s but you have already lived together. The good thing about moving together is that you will all already know each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

You will know who the messy one is, who the wild one is and who is the clean freak. If you’ve made it through your first year together with minimal fallouts then it could be the best decision. The grass isn’t always greener you know.

– Think of your priorities

You and your pals may be thinking of living together because you practically spend all your time together anyway right?

Put away the rose tinted glasses and take time to list your top priorities…

* Where do you want to live?
* How clean do you think is clean?
* How many people would you ideally live with?
* What is your budget?

– When it comes to money, you have to think sensibly and make sure everybody is on the same track. Make sure you all have a similar budget for expenses as well as the rent.

Money and paying bills are one of the things people argue over the most so be prepared. If you are all well aware of each other’s money situations then you can avoid that kind of bad feeling.

– You may think it’s a great way to get closer BUT do not move in with someone you are attracted to.

If it all ends badly then neither of you with have anywhere to escape to, neither will your housemates. Believe us, it wouldn’t be good for anybody in the long term.

– Be honest if there is someone you don’t want to live with for whatever reason.

Your uni days are the one time you get to live with friends with zero guilt before grown-up life. Choose wisely but also make the most of it.

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