How To Choose Your University City

It’s time to think about the university you want to apply for but with the entire country to choose from, how do you decide? Maybe you want to study overseas.
Choosing the correct environment for you can make all the difference as to what kind of experience you will have as a student.

As well as finding a university that offers the course you would like to study you really need to think about the location. You won’t be studying 100% of the time and if you don’t like your surroundings you won’t have a good time. Remember you will be there for three years at least.

Distance – When choosing a university away from your home town, distance to and from is often overlooked. Think about the cost to get home and back whether you drive or have to travel by train or bus. You could stay in your own City and live at home, keeping living costs right down.

Cost – Check accommodation costs when choosing a City too as this will be your biggest university outlay. Don’t blow your entire budget on the accommodation either because you will need to eat also. Other than accommodation, think about the cost of general living.
The south of the UK is more expensive overall than the north but the benefits of being a student down south ay balance out with other potential discounts on such things as travel.

Community – Make sure to visit your potential chosen cities before making a final decision. That way you can get a good feel of the place and the people. Does the city feel warm and welcoming? Is there a friendly vibe?
As well as visiting, read reviews of local (to the student areas) restaurants and pubs. Have a look to see if you can find any student forums or blogs you can read through.

Employment – Choosing a city well connected to your chosen sector would be a sensible move. Think about the work experience opportunities within that city for the career you are interested in.

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