Choosing Your University

Moving away from home, top tips for settling in and making the most of your time at university

Choosing your university is tricky enough and moving away from home for the first time is both a thrilling and a daunting prospect. In this blog we wanted to share some thoughts about the early things you might want to do to get the best out of your time at university. 

Below are five things you might want to think about doing during your first few days of university.

Arrange your first social event

Building a network of friends to look out for each other, share memories, help celebrate the highs and provide support for the lows, is part of the university experience. Friends made at university are likely to be in your life for a long time.

You don’t need to be the social organiser (unless you want to be!) as they’ll be lots going on to tag along to be it a quiz night, cultural trip or pub crawl.
At Mezzino we know how important making friends and enjoying the time away from your studies is and that’s why all our locations have on-site resident coordinators, quality communal facilities and busy events programmes to help you to meet people, learn about the local area and help you settle in.

Join a social society or sports club

Singing? Bellringing? Fencing? Mooting? Baking? Anime? From the normal to the obscure universities have hundreds of societies or clubs that you can join and are great for meeting new people with shared interests or give you a chance to try something new, many at no cost.
Some might argue this is must for making some rewarding and perhaps entertaining university memories – so what are you waiting for?

Ready your study space

The fundamental reason people go to university is to study and creating a comfortable environment with minimal distractions will go a long way to help you get the grade you want.
All Mezzino rooms are designed with private study in mind with modern desks and high-quality chairs intended for extended use. Many of our locations have alternative quiet study areas, group study space and access to printers. Check out the what’s included at each of the Mezzino locations to find out more.

Create some new rituals

The best things about friendships are the little things that only the group does and understands. It strengthens bonds and creates a reassuring rhythm to your time at university.
It could be a cosy movie night every Friday, a rota for cooking Sunday dinner, staying late at the library on Tuesdays or going for coffee on Saturday mornings.
Or why not be more adventurous? Fancy dress Friday… Cooking round the world Wednesdays…

Keep it tidy

This is a boring one isn’t it? But making a resolute effort to keep your room clean and tidy will help create a space that you want to return to after a hard day at university, spend time to relax in and entertain friends. Doing a little bit every so often, making sure you have some simple cleaning supplies and setting yourself a regular date for cleaning your Mezzino ensuite bathroom will make sure you keep on top of things.

Next time, continuing with choosing your university/ preparing for university theme, we’ll be talking about the essentials you need to buy to prepare for life at university.

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