Christmas Gifts On A Budget

If you study away from home, there’s no doubt having you back for Christmas will be a good enough gift for your family.

Some families will still expect a material gift but that can be costly on a student budget.

Our cheap Christmas gift ideas may not be luxurious but they are personal and thoughtful and within a small budget.

Gingerbread Fudge

Festive flavours, homemade and only 5 ingredients. You can buy small cellophane bags and ribbon for cute presentation.

Vegan-Friendly Fudge

This vegan-friendly fudge recipe is sweetened with dates and maple syrup. it’s rich, chocolatey and believe it or not, healthy.


Are you having a big family get together at Christmas?

You could buy a board game as a joint family gift that you can all play together.

Movie Night Hampers

All you need is a small box, a DVD and some popcorn. They can be really low cost and you can give them as couples gifts. Bonus!

Books or E-Books

Book gifts are a dream for the dedicated reader. You can pick up cheap books from almost anywhere these days. Bookshops usually have offers on and charity shops will have a huge array of books. If the person you are buying for has an e-reader you could download them a book straight to their e-reader account.

An Accessory For A Bigger Gift

If you know a particular family member is getting a ‘big present’ such as an e-reader, iPad or phone. As well as downloading them a book etc, you could buy them a protective case.

Is your niece getting a new bike? You could buy a funky bell or even a cool helmet.


Stockings can be a great way to look like you’ve bought a lot but actually on a small budget. Think chocolate, small bottles of spirits, socks, chutney, make-up, and stationary.


If all else fails you can go down the booze route. Only for the adults of course.

A bottle of wine in a nice bag can come in under a tenner. Spirits are always discounted around Christmas too.

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