How To Come Out Of Your Comfort Zone At University

Most of us hate stepping out of our comfort zone because, well let’s face it, it can be down right terrifying. It is where we need to be though to grow, learn and develop.

It can be extremely difficult transitioning from your familiar home and school/college life where you know everybody and feel comfortable. All of a sudden you are in a completely new environment with people you’ve never met before.

Whether it is public speaking or simply approaching a stranger that puts you in a tangle, we’ve got some tips to help…

Introduce Yourself

Saying or doing something wrong/silly holds a lot of us back at times. Do you suffer from social anxiety? Chances are, the majority of people feel exactly the same as you. Put yourself out there first and simply say Hello! I know, that may be your worst nightmare, especially when it can come so naturally to others. Believe us though, that simple gesture could open you up to some amazing friendships.

Join A Society

By joining a society you will be introduced to a small group of people with similar interests which may help make you feel more comfortable. It will also help build your social networks at the same time without you even realising it.

Stay Positive

Shy/negative people are often afraid of rejection. Everybody gets rejected at some point in their life and it is nothing to be afraid of. How you accept and deal with that rejection is the key factor here.
Be optimistic and try to take on a positive mindset in all the situations you can. Everybody remembers a smiley face.

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