Coping With Anxiety While Studying

Having to cope/live with anxiety during uni is common and could shape your entire university experience but know that you are not alone.

Moving away from home, deadline pressures, time management, work placements and passing your entire course can be huge factors in developing uni life anxiety. Disturbance in one can unbalance your whole life causing that inability to ‘cope.’

Here are some tips to help you in coping with anxiety while studying at university…

Identify The Problem

Are you unable to concentrate and focus on certain tasks? Analise your schedule and see where in the day you think things may start to unravel for you. Are there certain points/tasks in your day that seem to kick off your anxiety?


We are all guilty of procrastinating from time to time. Identify what you do to procrastinate and what you are actually trying to avoid doing. List all the things you need to do in order of priority and make your way through it. And that thing you always do to procrastinate, stop it.


Opening up about your fears and feelings can really help. You won’t be burdening anybody either before you think it. That’s what friends are for.
If you feel too embarrassed talking to somebody close to you, organise a meeting with your university counsellor or even your GP.

There is absolutely no shame in mental health.

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