Coping With Anxiety At University

Anxiety may be something that is new to you or it could be something you have always had to live with.

Dealing with some form of anxiety during university isn’t uncommon and each individual deals with it differently. What works for one may not work for another!

Here are our tips to ease the anxiety or stop it in its tracks…

– Be Mindful

Although mindfulness has become crazily popular in today’s young person culture it isn’t just a fad. Meditation has been around for centuries and has shown to be extremely beneficial to your mental and physical health.

Try one of these mindfulness apps…

* Headspace

* The Mindfulness App

* Calm

* Smiling Mind

* Stop, Breathe and Think

– Eat Healthily

When we eat healthily we have more energy, feel more confident, and think more clearly. Eating rubbish makes us feel rubbish so give your body the best fighting chance to banish those anxious thoughts and feelings.

– Yoga

By focusing on your body and breathing, yoga teaches you to focus on the present moment and not dwell on potentially bad/uncomfortable situations.

Look up these yoga YouTubers and give it a try for yourself…

* Yoga With Adriene

* Sarah Beth Yoga

* Shona Vertue

* Cat Meffan

* Yoga With Tim

* Yoga Practice videos

If you give it a try and still decide the yoga life isn’t for you, try taking a few minutes a day to just focus on some calm breathing. It really can make all the difference.

– Fresh Air

getting out for a walk/run in the fresh air can help clear your thoughts. Regular exercise has been proven to help banish mild anxiety more than medication.

– You Are Not Alone

You probably don’t want to be a burden and feel like you are alone.

You really are not!

Speak to friends, family, your university counselor or your GP. Many will be going through similar things to you but also afraid to talk about it.

Let’s break down those mental health barriers.

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