Create A Sleep Friendly Environment

Sleep will be your much needed best friend at university.

Late nights of partying and studying will take its toll on your sleeping pattern and may even completely throw it up in the air.

Sleeping in until mid-afternoon because you went out doesn’t count as quality sleep either.

Try and have a bedtime routine and have at least half an hour of chill time away from screens as this will help you separate your daily activities and sleep. Also, try and keep your wake up and sleep times on a regular schedule. Don’t go over the 2-hour mark for a lie in. We know, this may be particularly hard if you’ve had a late night or have nothing, in particular, to get up for.

Are you a power nap lover?

Don’t overdo them. If you feel like you absolutely need to nap, set an alarm. Don’t oversleep and end up not being able to sleep in the evening, starting off a vicious cycle.

Eating and drinking just before you lie down can cause indigestion, heartburn or just make you feel generally uncomfortable making it difficult to sleep well, if at all.

Especially avoid caffeine before bed. Caffeine is a stimulant, keeping you alert and awake. Even if you think caffeine doesn’t affect you, it WILL hinder your sleep.

Aim to stop drinking anything caffeinated 3-5 hours before planned sleep.

I know it may be difficult while living in halls/with other people but try not to do everything from your bed. Keep it strictly for sleep and sex only and maybe a spot of reading.

Study at your desk and watch TV in the communal rooms. Believe me, it WILL make a difference.

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