The Curry Capital Of Britain

It has been over 200 years since the first curry establishment opened its doors in Britain and last week marked national curry week in the UK.

Bradford has been crowned curry capital for the last 6 consecutive years with over 200 Asian restaurants to choose from. Nobody does curry better than Bradford.

When the wool industry was booming, the factories needed lots of staff to fill them. Adverts were sent out in former British Colonies asking for labour. Men came to work from India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh and with the men came the spices.

You can’t go through Uni life in Bradford without trying the best the City has to offer. If you’ve been to Bradford and not had a curry, have you ever even been to Bradford?

Here are the top ten…

1. MyLahore

2. Bhajis And Beer

3. Shimlas

4. Jinnah Bradford

5. Shama

6. Lahori Gate Restaurant

7. Akbar’s

8. Prashad Indian Vegetarian

9. The 3 Singhs

10. Sultan Restaurant

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