Easy Guide to Doing New Year’s Resolutions the Right Way

As we prepare to (finally) say ‘goodbye’ to 2020 – possibly the strangest and most difficult year in many people’s lives – we should still find some time to reflect on our goals and wishes for the year to come.

New Year’s resolutions could be described as the ‘Marmite’ of the world of traditions – we tend to love them or hate them. Some may think of resolutions as a waste of time and a set-up for disappointment. To be fair, we have all seen gyms fill up in January only to see a quick return to their member levels come March…

Yet, other people love the tradition of setting their New Year’s resolution and commit to achieving their goal by the end of the coming year.

Perhaps the key to embracing New Year’s resolutions is not to make things too difficult for yourself. Avoid disappointment by setting simple, yet effective, goals. There are tonnes of resolutions that you can set yourself as a student that could give you a boost when you finally achieve them and may actually help to make your life a little bit easier or more interesting!

Get Organised

Organisation is perhaps one of the most important life skills we can learn. While some people are naturally gifted with a talent for organisation, there are those of us that struggle to keep tight wraps around our dates, plans, and errands.

Perhaps this year, consider keeping a diary or a calendar to jot down deadlines, to-do lists, shopping lists, and even Birthdays to help you keep on top everything. After all, is there anything worse than suddenly realising its your Mum’s birthday tomorrow AND you forgot about that essay that is due in two days? We think not!

Get Healthier

While we may have already mentioned the temporary swell of gym-goers in January every year, getting health doesn’t have to be as big a commitment as joining the gym and pressuring yourself to go…

Choosing a resolution like this can mean cutting back a little on certain foods. For example, maybe simply reducing the number of takeaways you get every month. Better yet, planning to learn a healthy recipe every month is a great idea!

The best way to approach this kind of resolution is to take the pressure off. Maybe find a sport or workout you enjoy. Consider running in local parks or doing yoga in your bedroom. Getting healthy shouldn’t cause more stress and guilt for not hitting the gym every day!

Get Sustainable

As we continue to become more eco-conscious, many of us may have been vaguely setting goals to shop, dress, and generally live, more sustainably. While this can seem daunting, there is no time better than the start of the new year to get your green on… And better yet, it might be easier than you think.

Maybe you could simply find a zero waste shop near your accommodation – there is bound to be at least one in your city! This helps to cut out unessential packaging and can even help to save you a few pennies.

Another great way to go green and save money is by changing the way you shop for fashion. Next time you need a new coat or a pair of jeans, consider visiting thrift stores and charity shops – you never know what unique treasure you might find!

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