Easy & Cheap Meals For Students

Your first few weeks as a student can be busy. You have lots going on including: unpacking, starting classes, making friends, nights out and getting use to your new surroundings. During this time it’s easy to trade a nice home cooked meal for a takeaway or pot noodle. You should avoid getting into a habit of eating takeaways and noodles as they don’t have the right nutrients in to fill you up through the high-energy days ahead. Don’t worry though, here is a list of easy meal and recipes ideas that you can put together.

Spaghetti Bolognese

It’s a cheap meal that is nutritious and delicious. It can also be great to share, so why not make some for your new friends or housemates. If you’re vegetarian, simply substitute the beef for Quorn.


A nutritious meal which can be made in a matter on minutes. For vegetarians, why not exclude the chicken and add extra vegetables.


Another great meal that can be shared. This is a great chicken and pea recipe. It can simply be switched to a vegetarian or pea-free option if preferred.

Jacket Potato

A meal that is very easy to cook, cheap, healthy and provides lots of energy. Consider rubbing in olive oil, salt, and pepper before baking.

Hummus & Pitta

Hummus is a really easy dip that can be made up in a few minutes. It’s can cost around £1 with the accompanying pitta bread costing around 50p per packet. That’s one very cheap and tasty meal!


They are often low in fat, high in protein, cheap and tasty. They provide plenty of nutrients that you require for your busy days. Salads can be a great alternative to a hot meal on warm days.


Perfect for those cooler days when you need something to warm you up. A very cheap and healthy option. If you like tomato soup, then why not add basil for an extra healthy boost.

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