What To Expect From Freshers Week

Freshers, you’ve made it to uni, you’ve managed to shoehorn your relatives off your University campus but now what?

Freshers week that’s what!

Here are a few things we think you should expect from your first Freshers week…

Pre-uni – You should receive an email from your university detailing all the important information you may need. Which documents you need to take with you, where you need to go for registration etc. Do keep your eye out for this one, you won’t want to miss it.

It’s not all about the party – Of course, freshers week is renowned for being one big party/hangover but that’s not the only thing you will have to think about.
You will have to register yourself to receive your student card and your student loan. Most universities will also usually have a fresher fair so you can find out about local businesses and their discounts and there you will also be able to sign up for societies and clubs.

Now, this IS all about the party – Before you go all out and drink the student union out of cheap vodka, prepare yourself. Eat a carb loaded meal before going out, stock up on appropriate meds for the following day and pace yourself.
Nobody wants to be sick in front of their new found pals in the first week of knowing them now do they?

Fancy Dress – Love it or hate it, fancy dress is a ‘thing’ during freshers week. Check with your student union to see what’s happening on which evenings so you can get organised. Either take a prepared outfit with you or brush up on those arts and craft skills.

Freshers Flu – A week long period of parties, late nights and takeaways are bound to have taken its toll. Freshers flu is the real deal so do look after your immune system, especially during this particular week. Drink LOTS of water and remember to take vitamins, they will help no end.

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