What To Expect During Freshers Week

Your first week at university, otherwise known as freshers week is, for most people, scary and exciting in equal measure. What we discuss here will hopefully ensure that you go into your first week at university knowing what to expect from it.

Settling In

Everything’s new, you will likely be moving away from home for the first time and meeting lots of new people all in a short space of time. You should remember that most of your fellow freshers will be in the same position as you. You may experience homesickness within the first few days of being at university and this is completely normal. It’s a stressful time and it’s okay to feel unsettled when you’ve just left home for the first time. You can combat feelings of homesickness by making your room as homely as you can or by keeping in regular contact with your loved ones.

The Important Stuff

There are a number of important things to get done in your first week too. You will have to register yourself to receive your student card and loan. You will also need to prepare yourself for the different classes you have. You’ll probably be given details of the nearest GP and you should get registered as soon as possible just in case you become ill during term time.

The Partying

Freshers week is renowned for being one of big party and if that’s what interests you then you won’t be disappointed. Many bars and clubs offer discounts on food and drink, including your student union. Don’t overdo it during your first week, remember there is plenty of time ahead in which you can go out and have a few drinks.

Alternatives To Partying

If you aren’t interested in the partying, then there are many other options available to you such as freshers fair, which usually includes societies and freebie fairs. The societies fair gives you the chance to meet people you share similar interests with. The freebie fair provides you with lots of freebies such as vouchers for free pizza or random accessories. Your university will have a host of different activities available for you to attend.

Finding Your Way Around

It can difficult to navigate your way around the university in your first week. It would be a good idea to find the rooms you are timetabled to be in for your classes prior to class time. You don’t want to leave it until 5 minutes before and then discover that you can’t find where you are supposed to be. It’s likely that at some point you will find yourself lost but there will be plenty of staff members and helpers around to point you in the right direction should you need it.

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