After studying, getting to know the new place you live is the most exciting part of being at
To help you take advantage of everything your town and city has to offer outside of the
university bubble, this blog aims to provide you with some ideas and inspiration for getting
about locally.
It can be good to get out exploring on your own, but always do a bit of research first to make
sure where you are heading is safe and head out with friends if you aren’t sure.
Get walking
If you’ve got the time there is nothing better than pounding the streets on your own two feet.
Plan yourself a leisurely indirect route to university from your accommodation that perhaps
takes in a canal or riverside path.
Other landmarks that might guide a quiet relaxing stroll are town or city parks. Aim to explore
each one, trying out the various cakes at park cafes or taking a picnic and a book or simply
enjoying the people watching.
Another way to use your feet is going on a pub crawl. Doing some research or speaking to
your Mezzino residential coordinator will mean you are more likely to discover the hidden
back street boozers that have more character and offer a wider range of food and drink.
Get on the bus
Students can get cheaper bus fares and they mean you can explore much further across the
city. A day trip out on the bus, with a flask and packed lunch is much more of an adventure
Check out the things to do beyond the cinema and ten pin bowling. There are fantastic
museums, great countryside, fabulous coastlines and terrific theme parks up and down the
Joining a university club or society could open up more ways to explore your town or city that
ordinarily might be out of sight be it rambling, rafting or rock climbing.

Get talking
Perhaps the best way to discover a place is to meet people from the local community who
can share the inside scoop on what to see and do.
Joining an interest group outside of university, visiting a place of workshop, or volunteering
can give you quick access to a friendly group of locals who may even show you around.
Many of the Mezzino locations have a programme of activities that you can get involved in
and you can get to meet people who have been students for longer and can share their experiences.

Get in touch with your Mezzino residential coordinator to find out what’s going
on at your location.
So what are you waiting for? Grab your walking boots, bus pass, and camera
and let’s get exploring!