What To Look Forward To In Your First Week At Uni

If you haven’t already packed your stuff up and moved, you will be in the coming weeks. After what has been one of the warmest summers on record, we are now heading into autumn and cooler weather is fast approaching. Do not fear as there are plenty of things you can look forward to.

You Have Freedom

You will now have the freedom you have likely never experienced before, especially if you have never moved from your parents home before. There will be nobody asking you where you go, no unannounced visits into your room. You are now in charge of what you do and how you spend your time.

Your Accommodation

It will take a while to get use to your new surroundings and make your new place home. Don’t worry if you feel worried or nervous to start with as most people experience this and it soon wears off after a few days or weeks. Make your room as cosy as you can and put your own stamp on it.

Making New Friends

You will meet all kinds of people during your first week but most importantly you will likely meet some of your best friends during freshers. You will have to accept that there will be people you love and get along very well with but there may also be people you don’t.

Discounts & Freebies

Go along to freshers fair and you can expect to leave with a bag full of samples, goodies, and discounts from local businesses, bars and food chains. This will also be the week you get your student card which you will soon find can provide you will all kinds of discounts.

Your Course

Don’t forget about the main reason for coming to uni in the first place! You will meet your course mates and your teachers for the upcoming year. You will find out about what each module on your course is all about and what to expect from it.

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