Five Common Student Myths for Freshers!

University will provide you with the best few years of your life and it promises to a time of ups and

downs. Before you know it you’ll be graduating and out in the real world.. but for now.. enjoy the

experience. We’ve put together some common myths about student life that may change your

perception of University.

You have to drink to have fun

This is probably one of the most common misconceptions about University and one that is the least

true. First of all, whatever activity you’re doing – you don’t need to drink, even if everyone else is.

Events that halls put on during Fresher’s Week are a good mix of drinking and non-drinking events.

There are club nights and bar crawls, but you can organise movie and pizza nights, bowling trips, and

quiz nights! When you’re living in a new place there’s always something new to do or try.

I’ll be too home sick

This is another worry that a lot of Freshers have, but there is so much support at hand that it should

not worry you at all. This will be one of the only times that you’re going to be going through something

at the same time as others and you’ll all be feeling the same. You’ll be so busy during your first few

weeks before you know it you will have settled in. Remember, your family and friends are only a

phone call away!

I have to change who I am

There are thousands of students at University and everyone is unique. With 100s of different subjects,

societies and communities, you will find your people – don’t worry.,

I will find my best friends in Fresher’s week

You will have the opportunity to meet so many people whether that be in halls, your course or any

societies you join. You never know who you’re going to meet – and when. So, don’t worry about

meeting your best friends as soon as you start.

I don’t need to work hard in first year

Unfortunately, this isn’t true. Although, mostly your first year doesn’t count to your final grade, it’s still

important to work hard as this is a grounding for the next two or three years.

Your first year is a really good opportunity to get to grips with university level of study and you’re not

going to get any better if you don’t put any effort in.

Also, it feels good when you get grades back and you can see how much you’ve improved from the

start of the year! It’s also a good idea to keep a balance between working hard and having fun – first

year is about making great friends and trying out lots of new things to start your university career off

the best way it can be!

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