Freshers Blunders You Will Experience

Leaving home and going it alone in the wide world and university life is a daunting experience. You may sweat the small stuff but fear not, everybody is in the same boat as you.

Is it really sensible to ‘go hard or go home’ when it comes to freshers week? Should you really be drinking that Jagerbomb at 2 am? We think not.

Compiling a list may help you avoid these Freshers Blunders while you still have the chance…

Packing – List everything you want to take with you before you even start packing. Pack it in order of priority. Remember you simply cannot take everything with you.
Can you imagine getting to uni and realising you had forgotten your ID?

Moving In – As tempting as it seems to avoid these new people you will be living with for the next year, don’t!
Try and be approachable. Put on some music. Not loud, of course, you don’t want to make enemies of your flatmates already. Prop open your room door whilst you unpack and smile that anybody walking past.

Going Out – It’s freshers week, I know it’s tempting to go to every party possible but not only will you use up the entirety of your student budget faster than you can say freshers week, you WILL come down with a dreaded case of freshers flu. Yes, it is a real thing.
Sleep is not for the weak. Put that FOMO to one side and know when enough is enough.

Friendships – Yes it’s true, you will meet some of your ‘forever friends’ while studying at university but don’t panic and attach yourself to the first person you meet. Unless you really do click of course.

Last Minute Studying – It is so easy to get swept up in the social side of university but don’t forget you are actually there for other reasons other than attending the pub quiz every week or drinking cheap alcohol dressed as a Crayola crayon. Don’t make the mistake of putting off your coursework or leaving it until last minute.
You will swiftly regret it, believe me.

Back up your work – This one is really really important. Invest in a decent flash drive and make use of free storage sites like Dropbox and Google Drive. You can almost guarantee your laptop will crash at a critical moment and all that hard work will be gone. Don’t be fooled into thinking you don’t need it.

Lectures – Nobody wants to get up and attend a lecture after a night out. If you can’t rock up with a hangover and still take something away with you then it might be wise to save the nights out to nights before you have a morning off. Save the epic lie-ins for days you don’t have work to do.

Life Skills – Learn how to use a washing machine before you get to uni to avoid turning your whites an awful shade or grey or worse still…pink. You don’t want to shrink your favourite t-shirt now, do you?
Don’t forget to sign up at your local Gp surgery. It’s inevitable that at some point during those 3 years you will get ill. Can you handle having to go back home on public transport feeling horrendous? Ugh!

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