Freshers Week Regrets

During Freshers week you will undoubtedly feel a whole host of different emotions from excitement to sheer terror. This can be your time to shine, especially if you are looking to reinvent yourself after school and college.

Freshers week is your time to put yourself out there a little because this particular week is something you might just remember forever. You don’t want it to regret it.
Luckily we’ve got some great tips to help you avoid the regrets and live your best uni life.

Don’t Be Shy

Every single other person there is in the same boat as you and are probably feeling pretty shy too. Go along to freshers events, talk to your new flatmates, sign up to societies and sports clubs and attend those pub crawls.
Embrace all the opportunities that come your way.

Sign Upto The GP Surgery

And do it swiftly. Freshers flu is an actual real ailment and you don’t want to further your sulking while feeling poorly away from home if you can’t even get anything for it, or worse still, have to travel home for a doctors appointment while feeling absolutely rubbish.

Try Not To Think Of Home Too Much

You only get on freshers week, don’t ruin it by pining for home. Focus on the here and now and making a new life for yourself at uni. The quicker you do that, the quicker you can enjoy yourself.


This may sound obvious but don’t blow your budget on Freshers week. I know you want to have the time of your life but do remember you actually have to eat and you know, live after that week and you may not have any money coming in imminently. Budget for each day so you know how much you can spare and realisticaly spend.

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