How To Get That Graduate Job After University

We all know that ‘falling’ into a graduate job straight after uni is a little unlikely but graduate unemployment levels are at the lowest they’ve been in 10 years so it would seem that things are improving.
Employers will be inundated with applications so will be particularly picky when it comes to finding the right employee to fit with their company and clientele.

We’ve got some to help you get that after uni job…

Online presence – Now it’s almost guaranteed that your potential employer will search for you on social media and not just on LinkedIn either. Make sure all of your profiles and accounts across the board are something you wouldn’t mind your potential boss seeing.
You should spend a fair amount of time perfecting these before even reaching out.

CV’s – Job sites are widely used by employers now are not just by jobseekers. Upload your updated and badass CV to all the relevant sites as you don’t know what opportunities may arise from it.
You should also upload your CV to your LinkedIn account because it’s a hotspot for employers to check you out.

Covering Letter – So, you’ve nailed your CV and uploaded it to all the relevant sites. Now you need a Covering Letter also to send along with your CV to potential employers.
We know it sounds like a lot of work but don’t be tempted to send the same one to each company. Personalise it and make a connection to the job role you are applying for and sell yourself. Tell them exactly why you would be the perfect fit.

Recruitment – As recruitment agencies work on a commission basis, they are almost as enthusiastic about getting you into employment as you are. There are also specialist graduate job recruitment agencies too so have a look for those in particular.

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