Graduate Skills You Need

You are going to need to keep pace with ongoing workplace trends by targeting the specific skill sets you may need to stand out from the crowd.

Are you looking to work within a niche industry?

Are there certain skills you NEED to have before you will even be considered for an interview?

Here are a few generic skills we think you are likely to need…


Software rules the world these days and knowing some basic HTML and CSS will stand you in good stead for simple business tasks.

If you know basic skills just aren’t going to cut it then try this free coding course by Codeacademy.

Social Media

Employers will need their employees to know and understand the effectiveness of social media, product marketing and how to grow a brand/business.

Knowing how to use social media to the gain of the company you work for will be a huge positive as social media marketing is absolutely everywhere right now.


Understanding analytics in our data-driven world is crucial, especially if you are planning on working in marketing.

Being able to take the insights and turn data into a strategy will prove your problem-solving skills to your potential employer.


Being multilingual will make you a huge asset to any company especially if you are looking to work internationally.

Soft Skills

‘Soft skills’ or ‘people skills’ are needed not just for communications based jobs but also because these types of skills have become much more in demand. Gone are the days of stuffy work environments, welcome to a new more sociable workplace.

Teamwork, strong work ethics, and positivity are just some of the soft skills your employers will be looking at from the start.


Every employer will be looking for a motivated human to join their team.

Self-motivation allows you concentrate on the bigger picture/the aim, makes you study harder and work faster and more effeciently.

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