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Although moving away from home is a hugely responsible and exciting it can also leave you feeling deflated and homesick. Most student rooms are minimal to cater for the masses and so that their residents can add their personal touch to make the space feel their own.

Little touches of Home decor and personal items can make all the difference to how you feel when you are there and can really boost your mood.

With summer fast approaching and only a few short months until you will be moving in we’ve compiled a list of ideas to help make your halls a home.

Bedding – The first port of call is usually a nice new set of bedding. Hightsreet stores and supermarkets have really upped their bedding game. Long gone are the fuddy duddy and uber plain sheets, now you can get some really cool and on trend bedding and funk up your room from the off.

Cushions – What says cosy and homely more than new bedsheets and cushions?
Think soft and billowy, after all you may be spending a fair few study, lazy and hungover days lounging on them.

Lighting – Candles more than likely wont be allowed in your halls of residence because of the fire risk but there are so many other ways in which you can incorporate different lighting options in to your room.
If you love candles and they help you relax then why not pick up some of the faux candles that are abundant right now. Pop them into a mini lantern or votive and they will just look like the real deal.

The obvious lighting choice for students is fairy lights. Hang them around your room, drape them over your desk or run them along the back of your shelves for some pretty backlighting. If you go for battery operated too (i would suggest investing in rechargeable batteries and a charging port) then they don’t need to be hung near an outlet and you also wont be worrying about leaving the plug on while you are out.

Add a couple of small lamps also, that way you can change up your lighting depending on your mood.

Photo’s – Hanging Polaroid style photos across the walls and on the back of doors is popular already so why not get creative?
You could hang up string or fairy lights and peg your photos to that or even make yourself a polaroid mobile to hang from your shelves.

You can also dot a few pictures frames around the room with your favourite ever photos in frames.

A Rug – Cover up (and protect) that carpet with a super cool rug. Monochrome and geometric patterns work well in those types of rooms or go the complete opposite with something super cosy and fluffy. Imagine how nice it would feel to step onto that the morning after a night of dancing.

Plants – I’m sure you are already well aware that cacti and succulents are the plants of the moment and the bonus to them is they add colour and vibrancy to your room and they take little to no watering.
Also air purifying plants may be a good route to go down so why not pop in a spider plant, aloe vera or a peace lily.

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