How to Banish the Flu This Winter

The winter lurgy, the unwanted visitor that passes by to visit once the dark nights have arrived and summer feels like a distant memory.

From “Freshers Flu” to your common cold, it can feel like there is no escape from the ailments in winter.

Not to mention it can take what feels like a lifetime to shake it off persistent headaches, tickly coughs, and runny noses.

That’s why we have the finest advice on how to shake off the shackles of sickness and bounce back to your normal self…

Rest & Sleep

It may seem simple, but when you’re full of cold the quickest way to return to health is undoubtedly to put your feet up and rest.

A good night’s sleep can help your immune system fight off your ailments and recuperate quickly.

Make time to get a few more hours a night or even a cosy afternoon nap and reap the benefits.

Keep Warm

Even if you’re feeling clammy, you want to make sure you’re wrapped up when fighting a cold.

Having a warm body temperature can help prevent a cold from spreading, as studies at Yale found that when cold cells are met with a warm core body temperature, they die off a lot quicker.

Keep your Temperature Down

Whist keeping warm is important, if you do have a fever, dressing in lightweight materials, using damp cloths on your head and resting are all helpful ways to reduce your temperature.

Paracetamol will also help reduce your fever and help you feel better as it is a painkiller.

Keep Hydrated

Put the kettle on, grab some juice or just chug some water, hydration is extremely important for a cold.

It not only reduces headaches, but hot drinks help break up mucus and liquid help your immune system when it’s in battle.

Ice lollies also have this effect and can be a great excuse for a sugary treat to nurse you back to health.

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