How to Combat Loneliness at University

Between a mounting workload, lack of funds, distance and stress, university can quite easily become quite a lonely place. But that can change! Here are a few ways to combat loneliness at university.

Don’t Study Alone

This might not always sound appealing, especially if you have a lot on. But going to the literally with a pal or just revising with some roommates can help pass the time and even get to know people a little better.

This can also be a great excuse to study in more vibrant places like coffee shops outdoor spaces. This way you can experience new things with other people and combine studying with socialising.

Reach Out

Manny students assume that as its not often shown in films, loneliness has no place in University life. However, that not true. Up to 50% of students are facing intense loneliness and a feeling of disconnection with others around them. This is a common trait from usually being away from home, loosing contact with friends and the pressures university can bring

Talking to your family and reaching out to your friends about how your feeling can not only help you, but others around you are are experiencing the same things. student mental health support services can also provide a safe space to openly talk and offer support for your situation.


Looking for opportunities to interact with similar pole is a quick way to shake off loneliness.

Societies and charities are always looking for volunteers. The feeling of usefulness in society has been proven to help dementia in later life as well as the short term effects of making a difference.

Join Facebook Groups

With event pages unable to reach as many people as before, groups are the best tool Facebook has to offer when it comes to getting sociable. From groups about your course, halls, uni or societies, they all offer opportunities to interact with others.

Wether it’s starting a conversation, commenting on a thread or adding others when appropriate, groups is a gold mine if you’re feeling a bit isolated at University.

Stick to Your Hobbies

It doesn’t matter if its arts and crafts or a pole fitness class, experiment and have a go at something that sounds fun. Even if its not for you, think of it as a random anecdote.

Many people can stop their hobbies when studding, but they might be important to you and who you are. Whilst it may be tempting to ditch the extracurricular activities, keeping at them or even trying new ones can be helpful to expand your confidence, skills and social circle.

Whilst there isn’t always a quick fix for feeling lonely, there are steps to take to help. Making a change and talking to others will help your studies and your health overall. / /

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