How To Ease Homesickness

Homesickness is extremely common in students, especially in the first year. Once all the excitement of Freshers has died down.

You may start off by thinking that living alone with nobody nagging you to clean your room or eat your greens is THE BEST THING EVER, and for a short time, it can be but homesickness can hit hard.

Try and avoid or at least lessen these feeling with our helpful tips…

– Bring personal belongings from home. Still got that bear from when you were born? Bring him along, nobody is going to judge.

– When your parents are ready to leave, say goodbye properly. I know, it may be super embarrassing but you might regret shoving them off so abruptly. Give them a big squeeze, you may need it.

– Now is not the time to be shy. Get out there and get involved, say hello to everybody you pass and in no time you will have met your Uni besties. Don’t worry about ‘fitting in’ either. You will miss your friends from home and no you may not meet anybody like them but why would you want to?

– Keep in regular contact with your loved ones back home. Whatsapp is a great free way to stay in touch and means you can get all the gossip in one big group message.

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