How to Get Fit for Free

New year, new you and all that, so it’s time to get in shape before Summer takes you by surprise once again.

However, we don’t all have the cash to splash on a 5-star gym membership or a fun sporting hobby. So, what are you supposed to do when a healthy life style is apparently a gift only for the deep pocketed?

Here are some ideas on how to get shredded without spending a penny…


Yep, a good old-fashioned stroll. No unappealing sweatiness and panting needed.

Just by skipping the bus a few times a week and allowing yourself time to walk to your destination can make a difference.

Studies have shown that fitting in moderate activity like walking into your weekly routine can burn more energy than making regular visits to the gym.

From nice weekend walks to getting off the bus or train a stop earlier and walking to your destination, there are no pennies needed to lose some pounds.

Couch to 5k

If you fancy something a bit more energetic yet equally as free, running might be for you. Its perfect for weight loss, improving your lung function and heart rate, strengthening bones and boosting your wellbeing.

If you a have no idea where to start, Couch to 5k is designed to show you. It’s a free running plan for complete beginners that consists of 3 runs a week with a rest day in-between.

It even has a different plan for 9 weeks and if you ace that there is 5k Plus, a podcast designed to improve speed, technique and stamina.


The obvious option that is always forgotten, your ol’ pal stairs.  

Taking the stairs regularly is great for strengthening bones, improving cardio and weight management. Its also low risk, low impact and most importantly low cost.

Ditching the lift and taking the stairs is an easy way to add more movement into your day and can burn more calories than jogging without dropping a dime.

Strength and Flex

If you’re looking for the discipline of a personal trainer but without the hefty price tag that can come with it, try the Strength and Flex Workout plan.

This virtual personal trainer coaches you through a work out designed to build strength and flexibility, all with equipment free exercises.

This five-week program consists five 35-45 minuet podcasts, filled with easy to follow instructions in order to follow the pace and correct exercises in real time.

Park Games

Think back to your playground days, games like games like “hide and seek” and “it” would be an endless source of entertainment. Little did you know, it was also excellent interval training too!

Games like this use short bursts or activity and periods of rest which really improve your fitness. They just so happen to also be fun social pastimes and all completely free.

Green Gyms

If you’re looking to get fit whilst making a difference, why not look after yourself and the environment at the same time? Green Gyms help you work out by digging, planting, clearing and more, across 95 free gyms around the country.

Leaders guide you through practical projects that contain physical outdoor jobs in order to improve your stamina, practical skills and the planet. Two birds, one stone, no cost; find a free Green Gym near you.

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