How to Handle Nightmare Housemates

Sharing a living space was never going to be easy. From Fridge shelf politics to the complex economics of splitting your gas bill, living with housemates can be a minefield.

Here are a few tips to consider when navigating your way around a household conflict.

Understanding the Issue

Living with others can be wired and at times it feels as if humans have had it wrong this whole time.

We are in fact individual beings who should be left alone to live in little individual pods and never cohabit at any cost…. Or this is how it can feel after your flatmate has drank the last of the milk for the 1000th time.

Something to remember is that whilst one little gripe can build up into the bane of your existence, it is just that, a little gripe.

Your flatmate hasn’t shot your mum or stolen your pets, you can and will get through this.

When faced with these little issues that build up into a mountain of resentment, remember you have two options. One, say something. Two, don’t. 

With option one, you have decided that you can’t let the issue stand any longer and wont cave on the matter. You believe this could be fixed by bringing it up and it will directly benefit your life by bringing it up.

However, with option two the issue will continue but your agreeing with yourself that you can let it go. You won’t be living with this person forever, so you might be ok letting the small things go in order to keep a peaceful status quo?

Ask yourself this, does it matter?  

Bring It Up Face to Face

If your do have beef with a roomie then its time to talk it out. Thinking through what your issue is and how you would like it to be resolved, before you begin to talk to the problem housemate is a good idea. What’s not a good idea is texting your problem or sending sassy subtweets.

Discussions over technology can get muddy, interpretations can be misread, and people can be a lot meaner than face to face. Having a brief and direct chat can keep any hurt feelings to a minimum and your intentions clear.

Don’t Face It Alone

Live with more than one person? Maybe the other roommate has the same issue as you? Whilst this can validate your feelings, put this to use while you can.

Hearing an issue from more than one housemate can reiterate and spark a change to the problem causer, whilst providing emotional support or even a mediator for the issue.

Overall, understanding how to resolve your conflict and recognising the resolution you want, is the key to living in a harmonious household.

Understanding the person you have an issue with and navigating your way to your resolution is the tricky bit. With these tips, you might not become BFF’s but you might become decent housemates.  

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