How To Look After Your Mental Health As A Student

University can take its toll, with the pressures of studying and grades, balancing a social life and not to mention your future. Things can quite easily steamroll and your mental state can suffer as a result. It’s crucial to take time and make sure you look after yourself whilst studying and to help. Here are a few easy frameworks to get the best out of yourself.

Physical Health is Just as Important

In order to maintain mental well being, its important to take care for your own body. It doesn’t have to hard either, just reducing your intake of stimulants like energy drinks and coffee can reduce your stress levels.

Exercise is great for mental health too as it releases hormones that can lift your mood. Even just half an hour of movement can make a positive impact and help you cope with stress.

Switch Off

Uni life is busy and it can often feel like you never get to switch off from everything. this can drastically impact your mental state. try spending less time with technology when in bed as studies show that stimulation from your phone or laptop before sleep directly effects the quality of your sleep.

Meditation, breathing exercises or bedtime yoga can also help with unwinding your day and helping you relax and get well rested.

Stick to a Routine

Having a set structure to your day can help boost productivity and reduce your stress levels. If it feels like you a mountain of tasks ahead of you, breaking them down into smaller pieces and setting yourself a structured time to do them makes everything more manageable.

By setting manageable goals throughout the day, you can tick off your achievements and even reward yourself when each task is done.

Support Yourself

Remember to be on your own side. Try not to fall into a hole of comparing your achievements to others and criticising yourself. Not only is this unhelpful, it’s unproductive.

Try your best and remember to take time for yourself. You got this.

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