Why You Should Join A Uni Sports Team

PE lessons at school are now a distant memory, so why would you put yourself through that again?

Well, university sports teams aren’t all about Football and Tennis. A lot of universities have around 50 sports clubs you can join and they range from the usual sports clubs to the downright weird and wonderful.

Joining a sports team means you will be hanging out with groups of like-minded people you wouldn’t necessarily bump into or converse with usually. Having a few different groups of friends means your social life will be top notch.

Not many people realise but joining a sports team (or society) is actually a big positive you can put on your CV. it shows you you are a team player and will make you even more employable.

Getting up and getting your body active after a hard night of studying/partying will also get your brain active, meaning you’re less likely to slob about in bed all day.

Take the opportunity to try something new and fun. Maybe something you’ve never even tried before, you may just find a hobby and friends for life.

here are some of the more ‘out there’ clubs we’ve found…





Ultimate Frisbee



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