How You Know You’re A Seasoned Student

Student life will more than likely be one of the most exciting but also the most frightening times of your life so far. You’ve had an adult around to guide you through and all of a sudden you are thrown into independent student life.

There is a lot to take in and learn but you will embrace student living in no time at all.

There are certainly some tell tale signs of being a seasoned student. When you realise you do all of these you know you are doing student life right…


One of the first things you will notice once the novelty of not having to tell anybody where you are going or what time you will be back is how much your parents do for you. Cooking your meals, booking appointments and doing your washing for you.
No, it’s not actually an in house fairy that has made sure you had clean pants all these years.


Before you start Uni you may think societies are for those that just have little to zero social life but you would be wrong. Of course, there will be societies for all the usual academic subjects you are probably glad to see the back of but there will also be lots of weird and wonderful ones for you to discover.
The bonus being, you will meet lots of like minded people and open a whole other side to your social life.


You may have planned your freshers week outfits before you were even accepted into University but you will soon realise that you really don’t care about what others think of your new jeans. Your biggest debate will be whether to wear your Converse or Vans to the pub quiz.


‘Do you do student discount?’ will be your favourite question. That student card may as well be glued to your hand with the amount you use it. You will even start to avoid places that don’t accept it.


You may start off getting taxi’s and buses but you will soon realise that couple of quid will be better spent elsewhere. You will walk and walk for miles you will.


Pounshops/99p shops will be your haven. They are stocked to the rafters with tatt of course but you can also get plenty of branded products for a fraction of what they are in the supermarkets.

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