How To Look After Your Sexual Health During Uni

Even in 2017 sexual health still isn’t talked about enough openly.

We all remember those cringey sex education classes at school at the height of our already awkward puberty years. Sexual health knowledge is nothing to shy away from.

Never be embarrassed about caring for your body and health. If you neglect to look after your sexual health now, it could have serious repercussions on your future. Sexual Health services are completely free here in the UK so there are no excuses not to be seen if you need to.

As you may already know, condoms are the only form of contraception that actually protects you from sexually transmitted infections or more commonly known STI’s. If you are using other forms of contraception it is extremely important to get checked at your local clinic.

We know to some, going to an STI clinic can be extremely daunting but it’s never really as bad as you think. It is completely confidential and the staff are not there to pass judgment.

How they test you is down to what they think you need to be tested for. It will usually be a urine test, blood test or a swab. With some tests you can receive the results on the same day, others can take a week or two.

You should have an STI check-up at least once a year when sexually active and even more so if you are having unprotected sex with multiple partners and with the change of a partner.

You may already take contraception and there are around 15 different types for you to choose from with some containing hormones and some not.

There can be uncomfortable and unpleasant side effects when using contraception and they won’t suit everybody. Do your research but do avoid those horror stories.

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