Looking after your mental health at university, staying grounded and boosting your wellbeing.

At Mezzino we are committed to supporting the welfare of the students that stay with us.
University is an extraordinary experience that is full of exhilarating highs and life enhancing rewards. But we know that university at times can be tough with the pressure of study and moving away from home.
Part of the Mezzino ambition is to create living environments that bring people together and help you feel safe and secure.
This time round we wanted to share what pressures you might experience at university and what you can do to look after yourself and others’ wellbeing.

What pressures might you face at university?

An element of pressure is integral to the university study experience and is likely to be experienced by most students as they approach their first assignment deadlines.
You might miss your family or your new friends might not feel as close as your school friends back home.
Exam season might be a particularly stressful time, you might have money worries or you might find developing new relationships challenging.
Or perhaps a combination of these things that have a cumulative impact on your wellbeing.
The signs that you need to look after your health and wellbeing could be getting worried more times than not, having trouble sleeping, struggling with concentration or generally not feeling yourself. All perfectly normal feelings in response to the pressure of university.

How do you stay grounded and boost your wellbeing?

• Create a safe personal space. When you get back from a stressful day studying you need a personal space to relax that you feel safe in. At Mezzino security is a priority and there is secure entry and CCTV at our locations. And in terms of creating your space, why not bring along with you mementos from home to personalise your room? Photos of the old school gang, your favourite books or your favourite teddy.

• Adopt a healthy lifestyle. Being a student can feel non-stop at times, especially in the early days before you find your feet, and we overlook eating well and getting good quality sleep.

Finding a study and fun balance can be difficult but try and dedicate days of the week where you cook fresh food and have a regular sleeping pattern.

Maybe bringing with you to university some frozen meals cooked by mum or dad will be cheap, good eating and a comfort!

• Keep active. Exercise is brilliant for keeping fit and healthy, both mentally and physically. Universities offer a range of sports clubs you can join or grounds you can use for running.

At Mezzino many of our locations come with well-equipped gyms, table tennis tables, space for yoga or meditation, and secure bike storage.

• Get social. A large aspect of university life is meeting people and building new relationships.

It can be awkward and daunting to approach someone new, think of something say, and make a connection. It’s normal to be nervous and everyone will more than likely be feeling the same as you so best thing to do is to think I’m only at university once and give it a go.

You’ll meet people on your course, at any clubs or societies you join, at the student union or on student themed events. These friendships will give you an opportunity to share experiences and provide support to each other when things get tough.

You could also get involved in your local community or volunteer for a local charity to expand your social network beyond your university circle.

Mezzino locations offer local events programmes that support students get to know people they are living with. Do check in with the local resident co-ordinator to see what exciting stuff is planned!

• Be organised. Coming up with a plan for you study, setting and sticking to a budget to manage your money, or keeping a social calendar will help you stay grounded.

Giving structure to your student experience will mean you’ll be in a better position to prepare for upcoming assignment deadlines, have enough funds for the next big night out, and know when you have a trip home scheduled to share stories and recuperate.

Make sure you build some down time into your plan that not only gives you time to relax but allows for an unexpected event that might make meeting a study commitment more pressurised.

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